Following are the Highlights of our methodology:


Questionnaires, Surveys, Checklist

     When need to quickly and/or easily get a lot of information from people in a nonthreatening way. Gathering brief responses on attitudes and beliefs.



     Helps in fully understanding someone’s impressions or experiences, or learn more about their answers to questionnaires. Achieved and gathered full range or depth of information.


Document Review

     Want an impression of how strategy operates without interrupting strategy; from review of applications, finances, memos, minutes, etc.



     Gather accurate information about how a strategy actually operates, particularly about processes. Excellent approach to discover behaviors.


Focus Groups

     Excellent approach to gather in-depth attitudes, beliefs, and anecdotal data from a large group of patrons at one time. Explore a topic in depth through group discussion, e.g. about reactions to an experience or suggestion, understanding common complaints, etc.; useful in evaluation and marketing.


Case Studies

     fully understand or depict stakeholder’s experiences in strategy, and conduct comprehensive examination through cross comparison of cases (if cases are comparable).



     data collection about every unit in a group or population, e.g. if a VET provider collects data about the age of trainees in a class, that would be considered a “class census”.


Sample Survey

     only part of population is approached for data, e.g. if a VET provider collects data about the age of female trainees in a programme, that would be considered a “sample survey of the programme”.


Administrative data

     collected as a result of an organisation's day-to-day operations, e.g. data on enrolment.


Tracer studies

     usage of a) a regular survey as the core tool b) combining it with in-depth discussions with a sample of those surveyed and c) interviewing key informants on particular key issues.


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