Would you like to be a part of a fast-paced career where you solve big business problems for companies? A career where excitement and a rewarding compensation are matched by the exposure to various domains and to senior management even in your early years? A career where you advise governments on policy, CEOs on strategy, and help generate huge business value for your clients? Do you have good inter-personal skills with exceptional analytical thinking? Then, a career in business consulting is the right one for you.

Business Consulting is primarily based with helping organizations revamp their performance using external consultants to get both subjective and objective view, and to tap across the experience of consultants in various domains to gain from best practices. Consultants are hired both for their domain expertise in a particular industry or practice, or as temporary staffers for a one-time project for which permanent employees need not be hired. Business Consulting is increasingly used by governments too to improve efficiency. While big consultancies offer many practices, smaller business consultants called 'boutique' consultancies specialize in one or two practices or domains.

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